How To End 2017 Strong Heading In To Q4 and Beyond.

October is now upon us. That means brisk weather, falling leaves and the holidays are fast approaching. Are you on track to reach your personal goals? I know those New Year's resolutions may have become an afterthought, but you still have time. Now is a good chance to evaluate your year to this point financially, while still keeping the remaining three months in focus. It may be difficult to think so far ahead while you are facing so much in the present but it must be done. Time waits for no man and failing to plan is planning to fail.






Has 2017 gone the way you expected? What were the biggest determining factors in your control that dictated the way 2017 has turned out? Reflection is one of the ways we acquire wisdom. Looking in the mirror is one of the hardest things for any person to do, however it is essential to growth. Make note of anything that got in your way and do everything in your power to prevent it from happening again in 2018.

Holiday spending can pose one of the biggest threats to all of us. You will be getting invites to many different events and you have started to think about all the people you want to buy gifts for but you are without a budget. This already spells trouble and more than likely means you will overspend this holiday season. Be sure to take some time out to think about all of the people close to you and create a limit on what you can afford to spend for gifts. Once this is done, use this budget to tell you what you will be able to afford on miscellaneous items such as invites to parties where you may need to come with a dish or a gift. Do not be afraid to sit an event or two if the wallet does not permit it.

Is 2018 finally the year you will decide to embark on your biggest project ever? Will you buy that house, go back to school or launch the business of your dreams? Again, it all goes back to planning. Sit down with anyone involved in your upcoming plans or it can just be yourself and commit your plans to paper. Map out a game plan to executing your endeavors successfully. Start from the end goal and work backwards. It will be the first step to seeing your goals through.

There you have it, I hope you end the fourth quarter strong while planning for a great 2018. There are still three full months to accomplish anything you set out to do. Do not look at it as writing 2017 off but see it as three months to right the course of your current ship.