Modern advancements have allowed the service industry to expand greatly in recent years. Companies such as postmates, grubhub, and fiverr bring personal services right to your doorstep with the click of a button. The service industry is vast and wide. Our entire economy is based on problem solving that is carried out through a specific type of service. Everyone needs help therefore making the service industry almost limitless long-term. The phrase service industry is generic as “service” can be broken down into numerous different types of services. For this post we will focus on personal services.

Have you ever given serious thought to the type of services you patronize on a monthly basis? Chances are you can save money by performing these tasks on your own or by having someone you know do them. Now, take a second to think about these services and who carries out the task of performing this service. Does it require a license or technical training? If the task does call for an expert to carry out than chances are you may not be able to save money doing it on your own. For example, I would not expect a person who lacks knowledge of automobiles or professional credentials to repair your car, that should be left to the pros. But other more mundane tasks can be done yourself. Below I detail a few areas where DIY-ing can be beneficial.

Personal Grooming: Taking care of yourself is very important on a day-to-day. Our appearances are the first representation of us in all interactions. It is also a category where many tend to overspend. A way to combat this, providing you possess the skill and know-how is to try cutting your own hair for men or doing your own nails and eyebrows for women. Remember, I said if you have the skill and know-how; I hope you won’t jeopardize your appearance just to save a few bucks, that is not what I am suggesting. If this is not an option, try to minimize how often you go to a favorite professional by mixing in DIY’ing with going to your professional from time to time. If you get a manicure twice per month, maybe do your manicure yourself once then go to the salon the other time.

Lawn Care: Tending to a home involves maintaining the inside and outside of a property. For those who may be responsible for their own grass and shrubs, doing this on your own can be a big plus to your bank account. I know people that pay hundreds of dollars per month to maintain their landscaping. Stop into to your local home center to ask about tips for maintaining a great landscape. They will be sure to advise you on the best equipment and products to have the outside of your home looking great.

Car Washes: Are you a person that must have your car washed each week? How about washing your car in the driveway one week and going to the car wash every other week. Heck, if it comes down to it, you can eliminate two car washes altogether and go to the car wash only twice per month instead of once per week. Car washes make money with add-ons. The base price will include a basic wash but each time you upgrade a part of your service the price goes up. For example, adding tire shine, wax, and a towel dry could triple the cost of your original basic car wash. Maybe you can do all or part of these services yourself and you may even do a better job than the person you may be paying.

Conclusion: All or maybe just one of these can be a viable option for you. It is possible that a different service comes to mind when you think about DIY-ing. The possibilities can be limitless. The end goal is to keep money in your pocket and out of the professionals hands when the opportunity presents itself. Happy DIY-ing!