Stop Missing Out on Free Money

They say the best things in life are free but this is far from the truth! Free things tend to be valued differently than possessions that are more difficult to obtain, why? Free equates to giving up nothing to get something and that is the problem. The value is attached to what is given up to obtain what it is that you want. Free eliminates giving up something of value. I’m not saying that free is a bad thing whatsoever. Free can actually lead you on a path of prosperity.

R - Risk


Each quarter (sometimes paid monthly) over 45,000 companies give away money to their shareholders for free! Okay, it is not “technically” free as you have to already be an owner of the stock in order to get the free proceeds. These proceeds are what are known as dividends. Dividends are regular sums of money paid regularly to shareholders out of its profits. All you have to do is own the stock. Simply buy the stock once and get paid a dividend forever.

Many big companies like Nike, Verizon and my personal favorite General Electric pay out dividends every three months. All you have to do is be an owner prior to the ex-dividend date. The ex-dividend date is the date at which companies stop or disallow dividend payments to shareholders who buy the stock on that particular day. This period is usually two days before the date of record and typically set by the National Association of Securities Dealers or the respective stock exchange where the stock is traded.

You can find out if your favorite company offers stocks by going . Will you keep missing out on the free money party? Or will you get in and buy some stock?