#BrokeChallenge Update: Seven Days left to Save your $1 Bills

August is coming to a close as we head into the last week of the month. That also means that there are just seven calendar days left to participate in the #brokechallenge. It has been a successful challenge for those who have participated, that has garnered participation from people all over.



The objective of the challenge is to save every $1 bill you come across throughout the month. As I stated on the introductory #brokechallenge post my personal goal was to save $50. At this point in time I have $46 saved as you can see in the picture above, putting me very close to my goal which I’m sure I will reach.

As a result of the success of the challenge, I may never spend a $1 bill again. This has made me see how easy it is to put away $1 bills, practice discipline, and boost my savings in one single step. I urge everyone to participate in the #brokechallenge and try to see how much you can accumulate in this last week. You may not ever want to spend a $1 bill just like me.