#BrokeChallenge Has Concluded: Here are The Results

August has concluded and Labor day is fast approaching. This means that summer is just about over which also means the same for our #BrokeChallenge here at Brokefinance.com. For those of you who may not know, the #Brokechallenge urged savers to not spend a single $1 for the month and save them. Big thank you to everyone who participated, it was greatly appreciated.

On a personal level I was able to save $56 and surpass my goal of $50 for the month. Sadly I was not the biggest saver for the month. That distinction goes to Mr. Thomas Moody @clippers_chevy856 , a barber from Vineland NJ. He was very aggressive and set a big goal of $200 for the month. Although he fell short at only $161, this task was no small feat and deserves to be commended. See Thomas's pic below. 

Screenshot_20170831-181005 (2).png


Lupe will be rewarded with (2) $25 gifts cards on behalf of Broke Finance and Met Life Insurance who sponsored the challenge in tandem.