Finding Oppurtunity Amid The Devastating 2017 Hurricane Season

There have been 13 hurricanes since the start of the 2017 Atlantic Ocean hurricane season that began on June 1st. This seasons current totals more than double the 30-year average of six storms in a typical season. Hurricane Harvey took things to another level when it hit land as a category 4 storm that completely ravaged Texas and surrounding areas in the Gulf. Matters only continued to worsen from there with hurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria all of which were devastating in their own way. But I’m here to shine a different light on these unfortunate situations. Although there are thousands of people displaced, without electricity and many even homeless there are still opportunities to be had for many people.





What I’m asking of you as readers is to look at these recent events with a different set of eyes. For those of you willing to do that you may find delight in what follows. Here are the three areas of new opportunity as a result of this massive hurricane season.

Employment: If you are currently under employed or unemployed you may be surprised at the opportunities available to you in the regions most affected by the Hurricanes. Construction and cleanup are in full swing in Texas and Florida. All kinds of people with varying skills and lifestyles can find work. For the foreseeable future, jobs in plumbing, general construction, the electrical trade, general labor and even demolition are in high demand.

Investment: Real estate investors with access to cash can score on deals left and right. Many homes will be considered condemned and uninhabitable. Not to mention the amount of people that will just walk away or lose their homes all together. Most home owners did not have homeowners insurance while many still do not have jobs to go back to, to provide income to pay their mortgage. This only signals a future swell in the number of people who will lose their homes. Investors will see the biggest gain as a result of this.  

Volunteering: For those who are naturally caring in nature, this hurricane season has created the perfect environment to help people. There are countless charities to donate money to, just be careful in regards to the validity of the charity you decide to choose. Sites like Volunteer Houston and Volunteer Florida offer many opportunities to lend a hand. There are different shifts one can chose to work for those interested in being hands on. Almost anyone can get involved with the hurricane relief efforts and make the impact of a lifetime.

This blog post may be tough for some to handle. The reality is that the storms have already happened and someone is going to capitalize on the opportunities regardless, so why not it be you? As you have now learned the opportunities are infinite.