How to Set Your Goals To Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever

The first week of the new year is almost behind us. The new year brings about a new found lust and excitement for what may follow over the next 12 months. Many people make new year resolutions that often fizzle out before the calendar can turn February. Gyms are flooded while healthier food options are flying off the supermarket shelves but why are these changes usually short lived?  




The reason is because new year resolutions are stupid. They are ineffective at achieving their purpose. We should only focus on setting goals. Have you ever heard someone say “I have accomplished my resolutions”? No. The word resolution has a negative dennotation because most people fail to carry out those resolutions. Instead the focus should be on goal setting.

I have been making personal goals since 2010. Not only do I make goals but I occasionally revisit them solely for the purpose of tracking my progress. This comes easy for me because I am a goal oriented person. For those who don't possess a like mindset, it can be difficult to establish those goals. So how does one get 2018 off on the right track and set attainable goals for the next 12 months and beyond?

Commit Your Goals To Paper: The act of writing down your goals, I believe is the singular most important aspect of setting and achieving your goals. It's a piece of cake. Simply express what it is you want to accomplish on a sheet of paper. I like to make three columns. They are broken down into one year, three year, And five year increments. There is no point in projecting further out than five years because the small goals lead to big goals and as long as the small goals are accomplished the big goals inevitably get met. Tuck this paper in a safe place and be sure to revisit this goal sheet periodically.

Create Actionable Steps in Conjunction With Your Goals: It is not enough to just set goals and forget it. Those goals need instructions.The instructions for those goals will be the step-by-step guide to making each goal a reality. So on a separate sheet of paper write down what steps it will take to accomplish each goal. For example if the goal set was to lose 10 pounds, than the actionable steps should be something like, “I will go to the gym three times a week, and eliminate soda from my diet.” Doing this provide you the framework to seeing your goals through.

Get An Accountability Partner: In order to see the best results, you will need to fill someone in on the your big plans. You will need someone you can trust but also someone who has ambitions of their own who can push you in a positive way. Your accountability partner should not be a “yes man”. It should be someone who is strong and will force you take actionable steps needed to make your lofty goals a reality.

There you have it. So scrap the resolutions for 2018 and set real attainable goals. I like to say shoot for the moon and if you land among the stars you are still in pretty darn good shape.