2017 Tax Deadline Tips To Avoid Issues With Your Return

If you have been delaying the preparation of your 2017 tax return, you are running out of time. We are officially down to one week in the 2017 tax season. Tuesday April 17th, 2018 will be the last day taxes can be submitted with a balance due without penalty. The most convenient way to file your taxes is electronically or e-filing. This helps to ensure accuracy while also being the quickest method of transmission to the IRS.

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There are instances where an individual may have a delay in their refund. This can be as a result of many factors. Be sure to give your tax preparer the most accurate information when preparing your taxes. If doing yourself, the same applies. Additionally, it is always wise to check your preparer’s work as well. Human error is ever present and should not be ignored. Below I detail some tips so you can ensure your 2017 taxes are accurate and get processed in a timely manner.  

Errors to Avoid

  • Make sure social security numbers are accurate.

  • Be sure all names on tax return are correct.

  • Choose the correct filing status, if unsure consult a tax pro.

  • Calculate all math correctly.

  • Do not use round numbers when reporting financial info.

  • Double check all routing and account numbers.

  • If sending in paper forms, be sure forms all pages have signatures.

  • Expired ITINs can not file for credits or exemptions.