January Broke Challenge Month End Update




We are officially through the first month of 2018. There are only 11 more months to reach your financial goals. How did you fare in this years inaugural month? The purpose of the #Brokechallenge was to kick start 2018 on the right track by implementing good financial practices. By saving every $1 bill accumulated in 2018, this should have allowed you to boost your growing emergency fund where you aim to accumulate three to six months worth of living expenses.

The Results: As of January 31st my total savings in $1 bills came to $59. This did fall short of my overall goal of $75. But there is never any fault in setting lofty goals and falling just short of them, providing you gave maximum effort.   

What’s Next: I’m not sure what the next challenge may be, however the mission is still the same. I want all of the readers of Broke Finance to improve their financial prowess. Rome was not built in a day and neither can a strong financial house. With that being said thanks for reading and participating.