Never Pay Annual Credit Cards Fees




Credit cards have received a bad rap for years now. You may have been taught to stay away from credit cards, they are bad for you, they lead to financial ruin. This is not the case, people are the reason credit cards are bad because they are not equipped with the know-how to use the cards effectively.

The right understanding and execution can make credit cards an integral part of a strong financial foundation.If there is one thing that is negative about credit cards it is the annual fees. For one, so many credit card companies offer cards with no annual fees there is no reason to have a credit card that charges an annual fee. Credit card companies add the fee to your bill so you may not even notice this charge at times. Why should we allow the companies to make money through a fee when they already make money through interest payments that total the billions.

I challenge you to take control of your credit cards! Call your credit card company and ask them to waive your annual fee. Now, if you have had a late payment in the recent past this may not work for you. But if you have been a good and loyal customer chances are they will waive this fee. Trust me it has done been many times without fail on the few cards I own that carry an annual fee. It’s your money protect it at all costs!