The Emergency Fund: Blowing Through $600 in Two Days; My Real Life Scenario

Money experts speak endlessly about the importance of an emergency fund. It is essential to every aspect of financial well being. Within the last couple weeks, I personally have had to utilize my emergency fund proceeds. I’m going to let all the readers here at Broke Finance into a glimpse of my life. My father has been dealing with various health issues over the last year. What compounds matters is the fact that he is hundreds of miles away. The quickest method of travel in order to see him is via plane, which can become costly.




About two weeks ago, there was a setback in my father's health. I had no clue what the extent of the problems were but I knew, depending upon the seriousness of his diagnosis I wanted to be close to him. Exactly one week ago, there was talk of surgery among the medical staff responsible for my dad and I immediately decided to put everything on hold which includes a full-time & part-time job, multiple tenants a tax prep business among other obligations to travel across the country to be with him.

On Wednesday March 14th my dad had to undergo a major procedure. Thankfully everything went well and I only had to be away for two full days. After purchasing (3) plane tickets, (4) Ubers, checking bags and feeding myself over the 2 days I was away, I racked up approximately $600 in expenses. Do you have $600 at your disposal at this very moment? If the answer is no, please realize what I have gone through over the last few weeks can happen to anyone at any moment. Not to mention the fact that I’m still in the middle of this situation and I may need to tap into my emergency fund again and who knows how much that may cost.

People please, I urge you. Start building that emergency fund now! You are a millisecond away from an unexpected event. Although nothing can totally prepare you for the occurrence, having the funds to alleviate matters is a big help. Take it from my first hand experience.