Utilize Banking Alerts To Keep You on Track

Technology has made life easier in every way imaginable. Certain advancements like global positioning system apps (GPS) have become so ingrained in our lives that we could not function without them on a daily basis. Now take into account all the technology that is out there that you may not use, like google calendar, budgeting apps like mint, or personal assistant devices like amazon’s echo or apple’s siri. Some of these are simple, while others may require more involvement to utilize. Even simple advancements like the text message can help us with our finances.

Today most major banks and even many smaller banks are moving to 24/7 and even online banking. These banks offer 24 hour ATM service and online account management tools for little or no additional cost. Many are beginning to offer apps and text services that give the consumer the ability to transfer and send funds.

The best feature of all may be text message alerts that allow customization for any purpose. Want to be notified about an upcoming due date? Set up a text alert. Want to get a text every time you make a purchase? Set an alert. It is just that easy. Text services may be better than applications that can have issues due to lack of service, or routine system maintenance that can make them unavailable for short periods of time.

See if your bank or credit union offers text alerts to help keep your finances on track. You’ll pleased to see how big an impact this simple tool can make.